Ron Desantis vs Trump

Ron Desantis vs Trump: WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis insisted he will not run in the 2024 race after finishing second to former President Donald Trump in the Iowa caucuses and narrowly ahead of former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. Will remain in.

At a caucus watch party in West Des Moines on Monday night, DeSantis told a group of supporters, “You helped get us on the ticket from the Hawkeye State.”

Ron Desantis vs Trump

The path beyond Iowa for DeSantis is unclear. DeSantis has outpaced both Trump and Haley by widening margins in both New Hampshire and South Carolina — saying he has invested much less time this cycle than in Iowa. But his campaign aims to defeat Haley in this race and achieve a one-on-one contest with Trump.

“This is quickly going to be a two-person race, it may just take a few more weeks to fully get there,” Andrew Romo, DeSantis’ communications director, wrote in a press release Tuesday.

Before DeSantis was projected to finish second and appeared on stage Monday, the atmosphere inside the West Des Moines building was a mix of anger and nervousness about the tight battle for second place. Campaign staff, Iowa precinct captains and aides equated Trump’s rapid coverage by news organizations to election interference, noting that the news broke before people had cast their ballots in the precincts – and as DeSantis himself was in Dubuque, Speaking at a caucus location in Iowa.

In South Carolina on Tuesday, DeSantis also expressed disappointment in the launch, but acknowledged that the order of finishers would not have been different if the launch had come later.

Given the amount of money spent by Haley’s super PAC and her higher placing than DeSantis in Iowa polls this month, the campaign and allies felt she performed better than expected in Iowa on Monday. But despite the investment in the ground game organization from DeSantis‘ super PAC, the end result of Trump approving 50% and DeSantis defeating only Haley was a concern, with few fundraisers being raised Monday night.

“It greatly complicates our task if he is close to DeSantis. In the past month, we haven’t seen a lot of fresh money. Before caucus night, a bundler who supported DeSantis declared, “The new money is going to him.” “

Other fundraisers were optimistic DeSantis would avoid going after Haley.

“I don’t believe (Haley) had a good night. The donor pool from which we compete and seek donor cash is that one, according to DeSantis’ National Finance Committee member Hal Lambert.

DeSantis campaigned in both South Carolina and New Hampshire on Tuesday, starting in Greenville, South Carolina, where he focused most of his attacks on Haley.

In November, he debated California Governor Gavin Newsom to “practice debating someone who is almost as liberal as Nikki Haley,” and reporters, raising doubts about the efficacy of his time as governor. Said that Haley would not be able to win New Hampshire, a state. She has been working at it and getting better in the polls.

DeSantis remarked, “He hasn’t performed well in the debates.” “Like I just did, she won’t respond to queries from voters. She is essentially sealed off.”

DeSantis has criticized Haley’s decision to cancel the WMUR/ABC debate in New Hampshire this week, after she had indicated she would not do so unless Trump showed up. On Tuesday, ABC News and WMUR-TV announced that the debate had been canceled due to the candidates not wishing to participate. ( Ron Desantis vs Trump)

Haley has considered ignoring DeSantis going forward. In his interview CBS News on Tuesday he told that the race is about “the differences between Trump and me,” and dismissed DeSantis’ efforts in New Hampshire and South Carolina, noting his single-digit position in the polls. In a state-of-the-race memo released late Monday, Haley’s campaign did not even mention DeSantis.

Haley campaign manager Betsy Ankeny remarked, “With only Trump and Nikki Haley receiving substantial support in both New Hampshire and South Carolina, the field of candidates is effectively reduced to two.”

But DeSantis indicated Tuesday that he is still looking to make play in South Carolina, Haley’s home state, New Hampshire and Nevada, where DeSantis is on the caucus ballot and eligible to receive delegates.

“This is her home state. If she can’t win it, I don’t understand how she can say she’ll win Super Tuesday or any of those other states,” he told reporters in Greenville. “It’s a great state for us. We did not  spent  lot of money here yet. We’ll start letting us know a little more.”

John Barkman, a Republican South Carolina voter who attended DeSantis’ event in Greenville but is leaning toward Trump for his vote in the February primary, said he believes the dynamics in South Carolina ” “Similar to Iowa in which Trump is far ahead.”

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