Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds

The potential winner of the first Republican primary debate next week is likely to be a candidate who exceeds expectations. Therefore, this level is quite high for someone like Ron DeSantis, who kicked off his campaign with lots of name recognition, plenty of money, and a lot of buzz will decide Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds.

However, for someone like Vivek Ramaswamy, this level is much lower. He lacks the political experience associated with a high-profile candidate’s name and is relatively unknown.

But that doesn’t mean he lacks substance. He’s the son of Indian immigrants who studied at Harvard and Yale, and he has made millions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. He’s such a staunch Trump supporter that it often seems like he’s not running for the top position but campaigning for a spot in the Trump Cabinet. His adoration starts with the former president and borders on worship. Starting with an obeisance that goes on for pages. The introduction to him comes in the form of his currency that prominently features him slaying the fearsome dragon that is Donald Trump. Should he get elected, he’ll start with an apology to the former president. Period. ( Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds )

Ramaswamy’s policy stances are unique — and he doesn’t care about aligning with his personal story. Despite being just 38 years old (barely exceeding the Constitution’s minimum age limit for holding the highest office in the country), he wants to increase the voting age to 25, until a person turns 18 or completes six months of service in the military or as a first responder. Despite his family’s history of immigration, he wants to end birthright citizenship. ( Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds )

Oh, and there’s more. He wants to use the American military against Mexican cartels. He believes that the NRA should equip every Taiwanese family with AK-47s. He’s committed to ending carbon dioxide emissions as president. He thinks America should slash 75% of the federal bureaucracy, including dismantling the FBI.

Yet, despite the agendas that shake heads, the thought-provoking ideas (which include questioning the government’s explanation for 9/11), and the sharp reactions from critics, who see him as an unblemished neoconservative in the guise of a populist outsider, Ramaswamy is a pause, a moment, right now. He’s currently polling in third place in several surveys, and in a recent poll, he’s in second place. (So it’s no wonder that this non-surprise candidate is reportedly advising super PACs supporting Trump to “pick up the hammer” during debates.)

Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds

Ramaswamy has embraced the Pete Buttigieg media strategy, which means he’s always, anywhere, virtually everywhere, in any interview. But being just a media darling doesn’t entirely convey the strength of his campaign. I’ve trained presidential candidates for debates and, in my view, a number one factor for the pundits and the viewers and the voters is instilling confidence, particularly during times of political confrontation. I worked with George W. Bush’s campaigns, and ( Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds) I worked alongside his skilled press secretary Karen Hughes. She was an excellent example of the power of self-assuredness. On many occasions, I saw her exasperate journalists — sometimes, truly you and occasionally even Bush himself — not because of the substance of what she was saying, but because of her unwavering self-assurance and her fervent conviction. She’d deliver her message so forcefully that eventually, you’d just cave, thinking, “God, if she believes this that strongly, it must be true.”

However, Ramaswamy is a believer in policy — a kind of snake-oil salesman, a B.S. artist who coined the term “Con Man.” He can astound audiences with his unwavering certainty. He can be wrong often, but he’s never in doubt. He’s the kind of guy who can rap Eminem lyrics at an Iowa State Fair without flinching. What brings us to the upcoming opening debate (where Trump might or might not participate Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds ) is this: don’t underestimate confidence, especially during political jousts. I’ve trained candidates for the presidential debates and, in my estimation, amongst the pundits and the spectators and the voters, number one factor, particularly during times of political confrontation, is instilling confidence.

Ramaswamy is an experienced performer. He can deliver his lines in any debate and come off the stage as if he’s just emerged. He can bob and weave around any opponent. He can spring and parry like a fencer and counter with aplomb. He can entangle himself in multiple rhetorical knots, and yet, it all seems so argumentatively persuasive that he can turn your stern and forceful opinion into cash.

So, if Ramaswamy walks away from the debate with some hearts, some minds, and some headlines, don’t be surprised. I can imagine the audience nodding along, thinking, “I don’t even know what he said, but I like how he said it.”

Its very difficult to tell who will be Next U.S Presidential Election 2024 Odds. lets wait & watch. Times tell.


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