Republican presidential candidate for 2024

When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump decided to skip the first debate in Milwaukee on Wednesday night, it was thought that the focus would shift to other candidates like Ron DeSantis, who would be voting elsewhere. but still they have to decide who will be “Discover the potential Republican presidential candidate for 2024 on our webstore. Stay ahead in the race!”

Instead, it was 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy who took the center stage. Perhaps it’s a sign that his rising vote count and momentum are being seen as a serious threat by other candidates. It could also suggest that DeSantis was largely left to his own devices.

Republican presidential candidate for 2024

Following are three main conclusions from the evening: To decide that Republican presidential candidate for 2024.

The Night’s ‘Pinata’

This debate was a prime opportunity for the relatively unknown Ramaswamy to introduce himself to his broadest audience yet in the political realm. In a joking tone, he said that he would “answer a question tonight that’s on everyone’s mind: Who is that scrawny little kid with a nickname who’s doing in the middle of this debate stage?”

But it wasn’t long before Ramaswamy ruffled some feathers, particularly among other candidates who turned his lack of political experience into an issue.

Alan Schroeder, Professor Emeritus at Northwestern University’s School of Journalism and a specialist in presidential debates, said, “Vivek was definitely the hero of this debate. I mean, he was paying attention to everything coming at him from all sides.”

“The other applicants found him to be somewhat of a fish out of water.”

Did DeSantis need this encouragement?

Florida’s Governor Steps into the Fray for a Boost to His Faltering Campaign

Initially, the debate began with DeSantis taking charge of the stage. When the moderators asked candidates to raise their hands if they did not believe climate change was caused by humans, DeSantis refused.

He said, “We’re not schoolchildren.

But as the night progressed, he faded into the background, refraining from joining the fight against Ramaswamy and even throwing some jabs at him, to the point where he accused Ramaswamy of being a “super PAC puppet,” drawing a sarcastic comment from the political action committee that supported Ramaswamy. Republican presidential candidate for 2024

He wasn’t a star in the group, according to Schroeder. And he ought to have been.

Schroeder said that DeSantis didn’t need to engage with criticism from other candidates, yet he made himself “a little bit” irrelevant.

Lee, however, doesn’t think DeSantis was bad or did anything egregiously wrong.

“I think he was just completely forgettable.”

Trump, the Elephant Not in the Room

Though there was an expectation that Trump’s presence would loom large in the evening, his name was mentioned only briefly during the nearly 50-minute debate. It was during that time that Fox anchor and debate moderator Bret Baier addressed the “elephant not in the room.”

Trump had opted out of the debate in favor of a pre-recorded interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, which streamed on the social media site X, previously known as Twitter.

Baier asked the candidates if they would support Trump as a candidate for the presidency if he were indicted on more than 90 counts in separate cases in four states, excluding Christie and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. All said they would, but about 10 minutes later, they moved on from the topic. that who will be Republican presidential candidate for 2024

The petty nature of Trump hit Schroeder, he added. He had to be, too. In terms of polls and chances of winning the nomination, it appeared as though the discussion was taking place in a parallel universe where Trump wasn’t in the lead.

“It appeared as though the room’s elephant had been removed with a single glimpse”

So finally still it is a big suspense that who will be the Republican presidential candidate for 2024.


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