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Among the many and different names in the sportswear industry, one name in particular has come to stand for ease, fashion, and controversy: Chip Wilson, the creator of Lululemon Athletica Inc. Despite its success and the outspoken founder’s provocative views, Lululemon has grown to become a global force in the yoga-inspired garment industry.

Chip Wilson has become well-known again after criticizing Lululemon’s commitment to “diversity and inclusion” in a recent interview with Forbes. There is a clear disparity when comparing this to the company’s own initiatives and the state of the industry. The history of Chip Wilson, the growth of Lululemon, the discussions around his comments, and the company’s evolving perspectives on diversity will all be covered in this blog.

Chip Wilson: The Lululemon Founder and Visionary

Chip Wilson, the mastermind behind Lululemon, kicked off this stylish sports apparel brand back in 1998. His aim? To create top-notch, trendy gear mainly for yoga lovers. And guess what? People loved it! Why? Because the clothes not only looked great but fit perfectly too.

Lululemon’s secret sauce? Well, it’s a mix of their unique way of selling stuff and their awesome products. Wilson believed in more than just selling clothes. He wanted to build a community around the brand. So, they organized yoga sessions and cool events right in their stores. This made customers feel like part of something bigger than just buying clothes. And it worked like a charm! Lululemon fans became part of a loyal and tight-knit community.

Lululemon’s Hurdles: Not All Smooth Sailing

Even with all its success, Lululemon had its fair share of bumps, and some of those were sparked by its founder, Chip Wilson. One standout moment was back in 2013 when folks started complaining about how see-through the yoga pants were. Instead of taking the blame, Wilson pointed fingers at customers, saying that “some women’s bodies just don’t actually work for it.”

Those comments caused quite a fuss. And what happened next? Chip Wilson stepped down as Lululemon’s chairman just a month later. Even though he took a step back from steering the ship, he still held the biggest bag of shares, which meant he had a big say in where the company headed.

The Latest Stir: Wilson’s Take on Diversity and Inclusion

Jumping to the present day, Chip Wilson is causing a stir again, this time with his views on how Lululemon handles “diversity and inclusion.” In a recent Forbes interview, Wilson disagreed with the company’s approach, saying it felt like they were trying to please everyone, similar to what the big retail giant, the Gap, does.

Wilson believes a brand should have a clear identity instead of trying to please everyone. He thinks it’s okay for a brand to exclude certain customers because that’s how you define who you are. But here’s the thing: This view goes against the current trend in business that celebrates diversity as a strength rather than something that holds a brand back.
Lululemon’s Reaction and Changing Principles

Lululemon’s Reaction and Changing Principles

Since Wilson’s recent remarks, Lululemon hasn’t said much. The company, now led by new folks, seems to be heading in a different direction from what the founder said. On their website, Lululemon has “inclusion” listed as one of their main values, showing they’re all about embracing diversity in everything they do.

It’s worth noting that since Wilson left in 2015, Lululemon has seen big shifts in who’s in charge and how they do things. They even started making clothes in more sizes back in 2020, showing they’re trying to reach out to a wider group of customers

“Is Activewear Embracing or Resisting Diversity?

When Chip Wilson shares his thoughts on diversity and inclusion at Lululemon, it makes us think about how these values fit into the activewear world. Just like many other industries, activewear is changing to be more inclusive and positive about different body shapes. Brands are realizing how crucial it is to serve all body types and make every customer feel welcome.

However, Wilson’s strong belief in exclusivity as a core aspect of a brand goes against this growing trend. The idea that a brand should turn away certain customers doesn’t align with the modern belief that diversity is not just the right thing to do but also a smart business strategy. Many successful brands today thrive by welcoming everyone and celebrating what makes each customer unique.”

Chip Wilson has experienced a rollercoaster of controversy and triumph with Lululemon. Although he was a major contributor to the business being a leader in sportswear, his divisive remarks occasionally overshadowed its accomplishments.

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