Ike Turner jr.

Approximately two weeks prior to Tina Turner’s passing, her son, ike turner jr.., found himself in legal trouble as he was apprehended on narcotics possession charges. The incident occurred on May 6, 2023, in Alvin, Texas, and involved suspicions of crack cocaine possession and tampering with evidence, as indicated by a police record obtained by E! News on June 21. Ike Jr., whose birth name is Izear Lustre Turner Jr., was released on bail the following day.

This isn’t the first time Ike Jr. has encountered legal issues related to drugs. Previously, he faced drug-related charges in 2018 in Los Angeles for possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Another incident occurred in 2015 when he was detained on suspicion of having cocaine and drug paraphernalia in his possession.

Ike Turner jr.

Ike turner Jr.’s life has been marked by a troubled history with drugs and alcohol, leading to repeated cycles of treatment and struggles to overcome addiction. In a candid interview with The Guardian in 2018, he opened up about his battles with addiction, revealing that he began using drugs at the young age of 13, profoundly impacting his life.

Despite his turbulent past, Ike Jr. remains determined to turn things around. He acknowledges the losses he has endured due to drugs, including friends, family, and job, and the experiences of homelessness and imprisonment. Nevertheless, he remains resolute, declaring his commitment to fight for his life and make positive changes for the future.

While Ike turner Jr. faces significant challenges, his previous ability to overcome adversity demonstrates that he has the potential to alter his life’s trajectory. Though the path ahead may be uncertain, his resolve to overcome the struggles suggests that he may yet find a way to create a brighter future for himself.


Ike Turner jr, whose full name was Izear Lustre Turner Jr., was a highly talented American musician, bandleader, songwriter, record producer, and talent scout. He left us on December 12, 2007, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the music industry. Born on November 5, 1931, his contributions and influence continue to be remembered and celebrated by fans and fellow musicians alike.



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